4RX Coupon Code Tutorial

4rx.com provides the best prices in the internet for generic medications.

In the post 4RX Discount I mentioned the 3 types of discounts you can get. Now it’s time to explain how to get and use the 4RX coupon code discount:

Phase 1 – Your chart: Start with your order, choose the product you wish to buy, add to chart and move on to checkout.


Phase 2 – Personal Details: Since it’s your first time to order you need to create an account. You will be required to add your name, email, and shipping address, just like in any other purchase you make online.

Phase 3 – Shipping and payment: Here you add your coupon code and insert credit card details. Your coupon code is 4rx-official-8 and it gives you 8% off!!!

What you will see in the upper part of the screen is the below illustration, add 4rx-official-8 in the coupon code tab and click submit.


Click “Checkout” and continue with the process, add your Visa card details, then the last stage is to confirm your order. Proceed to order confirmation.

Phase 4 – Confirm your order: the last stage in which you execute the order!

Please note that the coupon code is relevant only for your 1st order, but you can still get the upgrade discount and the reorder discount in your next purchases.

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