4rx Fair Shipping

4rxofficial.com ships generic medication worldwide. Unlike most other online pharmacies, you will find that shipping can be fair when you buy from 4RX or FREE shipping for orders over 200$.

4rx free shipping
4rx official free shipping and bonus pill

Shipping is sometimes considered to be a “hidden fee”, meaning that your cost is not only the product’s price – but also the shipping cost. This is why you must also consider your cost to be the overall cost after shipping. Shipping cost may be expensive, and many sellers will hide the fact that they charge you with high shipping fees, until you get to the payment stage.

4rx has a strict shipping policy, including days to delivery and shipping costs. You can choose between registered air mail or EMS, but the good news are that you will find that in many cases the shipment in 4rx is very fair and low cost.

Lets take for example cialis 20mg, as you can see – the shipment is fair no matter what quantity you choose, and regardless of the price.

These discounts and fair shipping bonus on such a variety of generic drugs exist no other place, and makes 4rx the most affordable online pharmacy in the internet.