4RX Visa Payment Solution

4rxOfficial is selling generic meds online. It provides amazing discounts and benefits to its customers for a variety of generic drugs, all made in India by the best pharmaceutical companies. Payment is made through a secured system, and shipment is free for most purchases.

The only disadvantage 4rx have, is that it accepts payment only by Visa card.

The reason they work only with Visa is because they get better business terms.  The credit companies charge merchants high fees for any transaction, and by engaging with Visa (the most popular and acceptable card in the world), 4RX are getting better terms which also allows it to offer better prices to its customers.

Today, anyone can get an international Visa prepaid card. If you don’t have a Visa card, or if you don’t even have a bank account, you can still get a Visa prepaid card – and buy from 4RX.

Once you get a Visa prepaid card you can execute your purchase, it works exactly like a regular Visa credit or debit card.

So, how can you get a prepaid Visa card? it’s easy, you can buy it almost anywhere. You have two options – a Visa gift card or a Visa re loadable prepaid card. The gift card has a fixed sum of money in it. The re loadable card you can reload once its balance is utilized.  These cards are sold in many stores in the US and worldwide, for example in any Walmart or Ace branch.

Lets take Walmart as our example. The Walmart prepaid Visa card, called the “Walmart MoneyCard”, is a prepaid debit card featuring the Visa logo. There is no credit account associated with the card. Instead, the available balance is the amount of money loaded onto the card by the cardholder.  Once the balance on this Walmart prepaid card is exhausted, no more purchases can be made unless the balance is replenished by the cardholder.

There are many places where you can get a Visa prepaid card, that also includes most post offices and all Western Union branches, so simply get a card with sufficient balance, and make your online purchases easily and safely.