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4rxofficial.com is an online pharmacy that sells generic medications. It offers hundreds of generic drugs, for various medical conditions.

4rx is the only online pharmacy with an “in house” quality control department, meaning that all their pharmaceutical products must pass stringent quality control before they are shipped.

4rx official website

In addition, 4rx work only with approved manufacturers, thus guarantee the products quality.

4rxofficial.com is the only online pharmacy that provides a quality package of products + service including:

  • Lowest prices and price match guarantee
  • Toll free and online chat support 24/7/365
  • Fast shipping (and for many products – free shipping)
  • Guaranteed delivery or money back
  • Online order status
  • 10% discounts from the 2nd purchase or 20% more pills
  • Coupon code – 8% discount on the 1st purchase – Use coupon code 4rx-official-8. If you need a tutorial click here.

Transparency is an important value for 4rx and you get information about any manufacturer and drug in details.  Policies include privacy policy, shipping policy, cancellation policy, return policy and refund policy, all aimed to provide the best products and service and guarantee customers satisfaction.

4rx website is user friendly and easy to navigate without excessive or unnecessary information.  A simple interface allows you to open an account, find the drugs you wish to buy and place an order all in few clicks.

I have tried many online pharmacies, some are scams, most do not provide any customers service (and won’t answer your emails!) or product guarantee. 4rx Official offers the best customer service, brand new generic drugs, and the lowest prices.

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